FIR Sauna


Harness the healing power of early morning sun-light

Very Effective for Weight Loss, Inch Loss, Detoxification, Skin Care and General Health

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In Dr Sherry Rogers’ book “Detoxify or Die” she advocates a technique called “Far Infrared Saunas”. Far infra red light constitute the main energy-source that comes from the sun and are responsible for warming our skin when we sit in direct sunshine. The light penetrate several centimeters through the skin and heat up subcutaneous tissues. With enough sun on the skin, the skin will sweat; chemicals from subcutaneous tissues will be mobilised and pass out through sweat. The sunshine does this without heating up the core temperature (although if you lie in the sun for long enough then the core temperature will eventually rise; ) therefore chemicals can be mobilised and excreted without causing systemic poisoning. Dr Rogers describes many case-histories in her book of patients who, for example, have severe heart-disease who would certainly not tolerate a sauna, but who can tolerate FIRS very comfortably.


How it works?
Most chemicals come out in the first few minutes of sauna session; so you do not have to “boil” yourself for hours to get a result! The best results are achieved from short sessions of 30  minutes. About 24 hours after the session, chemicals redistribute from deeper tissues into the superficial layers, and the process can be repeated. This way, after some weeks of saunaing, chemicals will gradually be drawn out from even deeper layers.


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