Jade-stone Projector


This jade-stone projector is a unique combination of 7 proven drugless therapies.

The combination of these 7 therapies acting on the body of any living being ( humans, animals, even plants) activates the living cells and helps in releasing the toxins accumulated in the body, consequently boosting Vigour & Immunity.


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Our ZHPL-JSP12 is a unique device with following 7-in-1 features :
1. Massage
2. Acupressure
3. Moxibustion ( Moxa )
4. Chiropractic
5. Far Infrared Rays
6. Vibration
7. Magnetic Ultra-long Waves

The combination of 7 therapies acting on the body of any living being ( humans, animals, even plants) actihvates the cells and helps releasing the toxins accumulated in the body, consequently boosting Vigour & Immunity.

All this happens without any harmful or addictive drugs. Any living being can fight any disease, once the Vigour & Immunity is boosted.

This is how the nature intended it !!

How to use our ZHPL-JSP12?
Our Projector needs to be placed on strategically located 10 points along the spine and body, as shown in the diagram. Keep the Projector at each point for 3 to 5 minutes and then shift the Projector to next point. These 10 points are basic points, and hence compulsory for any health problems.

After completing these 10 points in the proper sequence, you may take extra point on any other areas of your body. But, do NOT place the projector on any point for more than 5 minutes.


Healing Points
1st Point On Seat, backside
Healing point for Constipation, Genital disease, Piles, Prostrate, Urinary problems, Sciatica, foot pain & numbness, paralysis, gout.

2nd Point At Waist Level, backside
Healing point for Balance ability, slip disc, obesity, chronic fatigue, constipation, abdominal inflamation, kidney problem, diabetes, stomach ulcers, digestion related problems, sexual problems, gout

3rd Point On the Back
Healing point for Kidney, diabetes, heart problems, liver problems, asthma, bronchitis

4th Point On Shoulder
Healing point for Liver problems, Lung problems, shoulder problems, both arms, blood pressure.

5th Point On the backside of Head, and both cheeks
Healing point for thyroid, tonsils, cervical, spondilitis, eyes, ears, nose, dental, hairfall, memory

6th Point
On Point 2 Healing point as discussed for point 2

7th Point On the knee joint
Healing point for joint pain, arthritis, regeneration of synovial fluid

8th Point On the Stomach
Healing point for stomach, diabetes, obesity, sexual problems

9th Point On the sexual organs
Healing point for digestion system, diabetes, obesity, sex problems

10th Point On the face, and both ears
Healing point for eyes, nose, throat, and ears

Improvement Signals:
An improvement signal is the temporary process of making you feel worse to feel better. In other words, no pain, no gain. It is a process which reveals your hidden diseases through our detoxification process.

The Far Infrared rays in our 8-in-one ZHPL-JSP12 penetrates into your blood streams and improves blood circulation, which will dissolves toxins in your body. An improvement signal usually shows within 3 to 5 days after the first use, but it is different for everyone. In some cases, improvement ignal shows after 1 to 3 weeks. In some rare cases the improvement signal show after 6 to 12 months of continuous use.

The detoxification process may temporarily cause high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, anemia, backache, headache, stomach trouble, and neuralgia. Every person gets different improvement signal and it is hard to tell who will go through which symptoms and when. It is important to note that the improvement reactions may occur several times throught the detoxification process. The stronger the improvement signal is, better for your body, as it has greater healing effect. Don’t stop using ZHPL-JSP12, just continue using it.

If you feel great from day one, it is because your body is healing faster than excreting waste. This also gives great results.

Any improvement signal is normal and good because it leads to a healthy body.


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